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Quynh M.

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My name is Quynh Mai from Orange Country, California. Adam has been my best friend and business partner for almost 10 years. We started our Entrepreneurial journey at the same time. I've watched him grown from a baby entrepreneur to now a Top Income Earner and an incredible Leader anyone could ask for. He leads with his heart and always goes out of his way to serve his team. Anyone who's lucky enough to work with him and follow his mentorship will create a life changing experience. I've been blessed to work with him and being mentored by him for the last 5 years. Under his mentorship, I was able to fire my boss, shut down my real estate practice and now completely work from home. I owe my freedom to him, his work ethic and his dedication to helping others.

Pily C.

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I have been friends with Adam for a while now, and have the upmost respect for his integrity and leadership skills, it wasn’t until recently that I had a chance to team up with him in this amazing project and I was amazed at the level of results, knowledge and experience he has about the industry being so young! He’s focused, driven and non negotiable about helping others achieve their goals and in a few month he has helped me achieve goals that would normally would have taken me months to achieve on my own. The years and years that he has accumulated in knowledge and strategy planing has helped us define a goal and obtainable steps to get to that goal in the time frame that I set for my business. It’s Amazing to be working with a person with such a high work ethic, amazing leadership skills, team and time management that knows how to guide me and my business in the right direction EVERY TIME! Thank you for all you do Adam! Love being part of your amazing team!

Natalie S.

Natalie S. Testimonial Image
My name is Natalie, I am single parent of three children and working with Adam Alavi has truly transformed the direction of my life.  I first met Adam 5 ½ years ago through mutual friends at a coffee shop meeting.  During this time I have endured a traumatic divorce as a result of domestic violence, encountered various financial and emotional struggles as a single parent and even struggled with homelessness.   Without the coaching Adam so patiently provided, I would not be where I am today.  I was fully equipped to earn a new Lexus car bonus while simultaneously working a full time job.  I was also able to develop valuable life skills to empower myself above my circumstances.  I have a positive outlook on even the grimmest situations.  I am capable of designing for a life and a future with my children in a world I would not have known if I didn’t meet Adam in that coffee  shop 5 ½  years ago.   Thankful for the future ahead and most importantly, I’m grateful for the opportunity to pass on a legacy for my children, to equip them with tools necessary for success.

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