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"The value of building a nurturing relationship is creating long-lasting friendships that are built on trust and support."

Live Interview with Defeyeneurs Magazine:

How does relationship building cultivate success, fulfillment and teamwork?

Relationship building can lead to trust within the team and it also can encourage healthy risk-taking habits that everyone in the team can learn from. It can also allow for opportunities to communicate effectively while accepting and celebrating differences. When we build on our relationship we can learn to give and receive feedback which will add value to the team. Growing up in a small family, I have learned that showing love, appreciation and respect to one another is the foundation of a nurturing and healthy relationship. Spending quality time and having open communication, at least once a week, is a must in my family culture. As owners of a family-owned and operated floral business, we have learned by working together during ups and downs, we can create financial freedom.

What is the value of building and nurturing relationships?

When we feel safe in a nurturing environment, it is easier for us to open up. The value of building a nurturing relationship is creating long- lasting friendships that are built on trust and support. When we can learn from each other, without judgment, we can create new opportunities and share advice which leads to loyal and forever friendships. My parents have always taught me that being honest and trustworthy, creates a stronger love that shows you care about your family. Accepting and respecting each other's differences creates trust and develops patience. By showing compassion, you send a meaningful message of your unconditional love and it helps to create positive communication with your family. We each have our own moral compass in doing what we think is right and this affirms our family's integrity which results in achieving a sense of completeness.

How are you building and nurturing relationships?

To build and nurture relationships I strive to be attentive. When people see that you are actively listening to what they say, you can develop mutual respect and further identify shared goals and values. I try to do activities with my team which creates a stronger friendship.

What have you experienced that you wish for other families?

One of my family's goals is to give back to the community and those who are less fortunate. We do what we can with what we have while sharing happiness and positive energy. As Robert Baden Powell said "leave the world a better place than the one you came in to." This resonates with me, daily, in everything I do as I try to spread as much love as possible. The little things like being a good listener, can make a difference. My wish for other families is to pursue their dreams in order to create time and financial freedom and a stress-free life.
"Being fearless in your pursuit is a skill that we all must work on and can be very hard but I would wish for everyone to at least start with a dream."

You got what it takes to change your life?

Take a chance on me! I would love to help you and your family build the lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

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